7 essential time-savers for any small business

Introducing systems and processes into a business is essential if you want it to be scalable and be profitable. However, it can be easy to avoid doing this if you are a one-man (or woman!) band, as there’s only you, so what’s the point of creating processes if there’s only you doing the doing?

Granted, there will be a time when you want to increase the headcount, or employ freelancers, for example, and this is the time to get systemising.

However, there is also the argument that BECAUSE there is only you, then anything you can do to save time and effort will surely be most welcome! Entrepreneurs are notorious for working extremely long hours, so I’ve put together some essential time-savers which could help to make the difference for any business owner.


  • If you have something which can be done easily in less than five minutes, then do it straightaway. It’ll save you having to think about it, and remembering to do it later. It’s also a psychological thing, if you look at your to-do list, and there’s already two or three things crossed off, it’ll make you a lot more productive
  • In the same vein, if there is a task on your list which you have been putting off, or one which will take a lot of time, then get that done first. If you can get this out of the way, it will feel like a lot has been achieved, and you won’t procrastinate for the rest of the day. Just buckle down and do it!
  • Take a break every hour or so, and schedule exercise into the diary. Your brain works better if it’s stimulated, and not sat behind a desk all day staring at a screen. So take regular time out, and keep your body moving
  • Take some time away from the office environment. Keep your mind stimulated by working in a different place from time to time. It helps to increase creativity and will help you get the work done in super quick time
  • Focus on one task at a time and remove all distractions. Only check your emails once every hour or so. Turn off your phone. You will be amazed at how much gets achieved in that hour
  • Engage your team. Even if you don’t have anyone working for you, your suppliers and freelancers will work better and harder for you if they feel appreciated. Keep them in the loop as to what you want to achieve and how they can play a part in that. This will also mean that you won’t have to spend your time micromanaging them too, as you will be able to place more trust in them and what they are doing for you
  • Automation is key. Anything which can give you time back gets the thumbs up! So if there is an app or software which can automate tasks, then it’s wise to invest, freeing up your time to focus on business development

This is all about changing the way you operate. It’s easy to want to know, and do everything, but there’s only one person in this business, so you can’t do it all! Well, you can, but you’ll quickly suffer burnout. This is about keeping you sane, working effectively, and growing your business so it, and you, flourish.

There is a reason why so many businesses fail, and there are simple solutions to preventing this. Try some of the tips above, see the difference they can make, and this can be rolled out and your whole business systemised!