Having worked with Roland for well over a year on a complex and volatile project – I have been very impressed with his tenacity for achieving success and his willingness to continue to find solutions.

Roland demonstrates flexibility in both his time and managing changing priorities and deadlines.

He brings a grounded thought process to the table often with a sense of humour that is welcomed when building a system that is due to interface with multiple people with different demands.

He is a pleasure to work with bringing a high technical skill set with a personality that encourages teamwork and focus.

Ruth Carney - Rhenus Lupprians UK Ltd. - http://www.rhenus-lupprians.com/

I have been receiving monthly business mentoring from Roland and it has helped me to focus on the areas of my business that I needed support in. It has been a real help in enabling me to recognise what I need to do for myself and I would certainly recommend him to everyone for support with their business.

Mauva Johnson-Jones - Precious Moments and Health Ltd - http://preciousmomentsandhealthltd.co.uk/

I’m a business coach and it’s been really useful to have someone to turn to for guidance and advice.

Roland has helped me significantly to develop my business systems and the toolset I use to deliver my own services.

My strength is in helping people find their direction and in motivating them to take action. Roland’s experience in systems development has augmented my own knowledge and vastly improved how I operate.

As a business coach, I need to be able to track the development of all of my clients businesses in detail. I need both the broad view and the detailed view of their business at the same time. This enables me to help them understand what is going on in their business and to create action plans they can use to move forward.

Roland helped me to develop the tools and framework I use with my clients every day. He also helped me to systemise the processes used in the delivery of my service. I’ve really moved up a level in terms how I deliver my service as a result.

Additionally, Roland helped me formulate my current development goals and to create a development plan for my business to follow which I’m still using today.

We originally met at a networking event and spent the whole evening speaking about our shared interest in helping people develop their businesses.

After we met I hired Roland to do a cost benefit analysis regarding an app I wanted to create. Based on his analysis and recommendations, I decided to not proceed with the project saving me lots of time and money in the process.

The initial meeting and experience of working together was really positive which is why I retained Roland’s services as my business mentor. (Yes, even business coaches need mentors! It’s hard to see your own situation rationally when you’re in the middle of it, which is why I’ve really benefited from working with Roland.)

I am happy to recommend Roland for several things; weighing up the options regarding an important decision you need to make, developing the systems in your business and finding areas to save money by improving your systems and workflows.

Roland’s knowledge and experience as a consultant is broad and practical. His analysis skills and experience shine through every time we discuss a business problem together and how I should proceed.

As a friend, Roland, thank you for all the help you’ve provided me working on my business together over the last two years!

As one of your clients, I recommend you highly to my own clients when I need someone with more experience and technical knowledge than I can provide, especially larger and more established businesses.

Highly recommended!

Patrick Lauruol - http://patricklauruol.com/ -

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my personal thanks to Roland Hesz of Stream Consulting.

Roland has spent the past 3 months working with me to help me develop my business further. As a new business it has been extremely helpful to think through various aspects in order to be able to see which areas need to be invested in to enable growth.
Roland has been a great help in doing this by asking insightful questions, summarizing conversations and thoughts and being able to suggest helpful practical responses.

Roland’s depth of knowledge and breadth of information have allowed him to guide me in two key areas. Firstly, making informed decisions regarding what sort of work to pursue and key clients to target, and secondly with generating useful and useable data.
These two aspects combined have allowed me to accurately see which areas of the business are costing the most money and time. Using this data he was then also able to suggest contacts and methods of saving time in order to free me up to concentrate on
other aspects of the business.

Roland has been a great help to me. His services are thorough and highly professional and his insight into running a business has been truly valuable. I would not hesitate to recommend Roland to any business owner who wants to spend their time more effectively and see where they need to invest energy to see growth.

Rupert Johnson - Director / RJ Electrical Solutions - http://www.rjelectricals.co.uk

Transpeed engaged Stream Consulting to find a software suite that would enable us to automate the ticketing side of our business and help us to become more organised.
I had tried to do this myself on a number of occasions but had given up due to the complexity of the task and lack of resources.

Roland did an EXCELLENT job for us. He interviewed all of the staff and created a specification that exactly matched our requirements. He then performed an incredibly detailed examination of the market of literally hundreds of choices over several weeks, giving me regular, clear, concise summaries of his investigations. He finally presented me with simple choice between two systems that he perceived to be the market leaders and those that best matched our needs.

We are currently implementing the one we chose.

My heartfelt thanks.

Simon Knight - Managing Director / Transpeed (Europe) Ltd. - http://www.transpeed.co.uk/

It was really good meeting with you today. You certainly gave me plenty to think about. I was really impressed by how effectively you sifted the wheat from the chaff (so to speak) and the honest and straight forward way you identified weaknesses in my plan. You have helped me to totally reframe my ideas into something much more substantial.

Patricia Sadiq - Owner / Nectar Gardens - http://nectargardens.org/

Having known Roland for many years, when I was faced with a business opportunity I was uncertain would be of benefit to my business, I asked his advice. What started as a simple and friendly phone call resulted in us meeting to really draw up the proposition that was in front of me, and weigh out the pro’s and con’s. With his guidance, we identified the course that suited us best and I was confident in the decision we made and have not looked back since.

I personally am grateful to Roland for his help and do not hesitate to refer his services and experience to anyone looking for objective business support.

If you would like to ask anything else about my experience working with Roland, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on 01382 808 808.

Alex Mitchel - Owner / Creative Director at Zen Elements Ltd. - http://zenelements.com