Business Consultancy

Who wouldn’t love to be involved in a business where everyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it? And wouldn’t the results for customers be fantastic?

Stream Consulting work with business owners and managers in the Greater London area to make this happen through discovery, data and delivery.


Learn how to identify the right things to measure in your business, and how to measure them.


See how to organise and structure your data to get better visibility on business performance.


Know how to best act on the data to the benefit of your customers, employees and your business.

We’ll work with you through this process and leave you with the skills that enable you to achieve your long term business goals.

What are the benefits for your business?


Get the big picture.

Develop a clear view of your business strengths and weaknesses

Through deep analysis of the organisational structure and the most important processes and workflows within your business, we deliver insights into the positives and negatives of what’s happening right now. Where can improvements be made? How can you build upon the positives?


Big insights without the big budget.

Businesses of all sizes benefit from data analysis

90% of UK small businesses believe that getting data, customer insight, etc. is the privilege of the big brands with equally big research budgets.

The Democratisation of Insight, 2014

We are changing this perception by providing a service to deliver actionable insights at costs that sit well within budget.


Make the right decision, faster.

Eliminate guesswork when making decisions

We measure, organise and help you make sense of the key data from your business to enable you to make the right decision at the right time. With the information you need about customers, communication, finances, products and more, you can eliminate guesswork and the mistakes that inevitably arise from an uncertain approach to a situation or problem.

“72% of respondents say that many decisions are made on gut instinct alone in their business in the absence of access to fast, reliable customer insight.”

The Democratisation of Insight, 2014

Reduce costs and invest savings

Discover where you can save money, and how best to re-invest it

As well as reducing mistakes and therefore costs, the primary benefit of “big picture” visibility is being more efficient. And greater efficiency reduces costs. For example, by saving money on administration, IT, stock management or training costs, you can invest in the right areas of your business.


Increase customer satisfaction

Deliver a more consistent and effective service

By becoming more efficient, employees can be trained more effectively, deliver services quicker, and handle issues better with more consistency. The end result is an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Achieve your goals

Focus your time on growing, not growing pains

The quicker you fix problems, improve processes and become fully efficient as a business, the less time you need to spend focusing on anything except achieving your primary goals.

Everyone has a vision and specific goals they want to achieve when launching a business. Whether it’s building products, specific financial targets or spending more time with family, we can help you identify and eradicate the things getting in the way of achieving these goals.

Let’s get your business flowing!

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