About Stream Consulting

Stream Consulting is a consulting practice run by experienced business analyst, Roland Hesz. I work with business owners and managers in the Greater London area to help them achieve their short-term (project consultancy) and long-term goals (business consultancy)

Business Consultancy

helping your business flow

Everyone has a vision and specific goals they want to achieve when launching a business. But issues with communication, processes or lack of accurate data get in the way. I can help you identify and eradicate the pain points that are restricting the growth of your business.

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Project Consultancy

a clear vision, a straight road

I bring software and business expertise to your project to find the true objectives and help you to deliver it as planned, on time and on budget. Each project is an opportunity to realise your ambitions and build your business!                                                                                                                         

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About Roland Hesz

For over 10 years, I have worked with business all over Europe, ranging from small one man shops to multinational corporations employing thousands across the globe to improve the way they operate. These projects frequently included the implementation and introduction of new software or simply reorganising business processes and workflows.

“Having known Roland for many years, when I was faced with a business opportunity I was uncertain would be of benefit to my business, I asked his advice. What started as a simple and friendly phone call resulted in us meeting to really draw up the proposition that was in front of me, and weigh out the pro’s and con’s. With his guidance, we identified the course that suited us best and I was confident in the decision we made and have not looked back since.

I personally am grateful to Roland for his help and do not hesitate to refer his services and experience to anyone looking for objective business support.”

Alex Mitchell, Director, Zen Elements