Project Consultancy

What is a successful software project?

I believe it’s much more than simply delivering a software solution to solve a business problem. It’s an opportunity to change the way you work, realise your ambitions and build your business!

Stream Consulting is a consulting practice run by experienced business analyst, Roland Hesz. I work with project managers in the Greater London area, bringing independent software and business expertise, as well as practical help, to find the real focus of a software project, and help you to deliver it as planned.

Project exploration

Identify the main objective of your project to ultimately decide if software is the best way to achieve this.

Full project

Facilitation of a complete software project, acting as a conduit between software and business requirements.

Project troubleshooting

If your existing software project is running over time, over budget, or is held up by other issues, I’ll help you find a solution.

My role as a business analyst on your project is to facilitate smooth, efficient projects, avoid unnecessary complications and ensure you correctly identify your objectives and then explain them clearly and accurately to your software provider.

Communication, understanding, timing and teamwork
are essentials for success.


  1. Clearly identify the main objective at the core of your project.
  2. Decide if software is the best way to achieve your objective.
  3. Write a Request For Proposal (RFP) that clearly communicates the objective of your project to your software provider.
  4. Determine a budget and an achievable timing plan with your software provider.
  5. Establish a dedicated team and communicate clearly with your software provider and your colleagues. Everyone should know exactly what is expected of them, when and why.
  6. Stay focused on your project’s main objective at every stage in the process and make sure everyone involved stays focused too.
  7. Create transparent working practices, so any issues (however small) are addressed quickly and effectively

What are the benefits to your project?

Start right

Reap the rewards of proper planning

I’ll help you find the real focus of your project; the main objective you’re trying to achieve. The next step is to write a detailed and accurate Request for Proposal (RFP) in the language software providers can easily understand and interpret.

The end result is crystal-clear predicted outcome that everyone can work towards.


Software expertise meets business experience

Don’t leave a gap between your software requirements and business requirements.

I often work with clients who do not have software expertise but understand the importance of customised, efficient software solutions in today’s increasingly competitive world. With both software and business experience in equal measure, I speak the language of both sides fluently, giving projects clarity for all concerned and avoiding expensive miscommunication problems in the process.


Stop scope creep in it’s tracks

Determine an accurate budget and timing plan that works for everyone.

Good communication motivates and involves everyone in a software project; they know what they should be doing, why they should be doing it, when it’s needed and how they are going to benefit.

So agreeing and communicating a realistic budget and achievable timing plan is a critical step that, if done right, will help avoid any dreaded scope creep on your project. Some say it’s inevitable. I say it’s avoidable.


Increase productivity

Create a more efficient working environment for your project (and beyond).

Your project can be an opportunity to assess and improve staff training and working practises. A well-run project develops teamwork and creates a better, more efficient working environment.

In the long-term, this leads to a better business. Successful projects motivate staff, focus management and give customers even more reason to make you their first choice!

Who wouldn’t love to be involved in a project where everyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it? Where any issues (however small) are addressed quickly and effectively? Let’s make it happen!


Stay on course to completion

Stay focused on the main objective. Deliver results for your business.

A successful project delivered on time and on budget benefits you, your team, your business. So what next? Get in touch using the details below for a free and friendly discussion about your project and we can see how I can get involved and help, whether on-site or remote, for a few days or several months.

Let’s get your business flowing!

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Let’s find out how to make your project a success.